Great Length Extensions: Orange County (Part Deux)

Great Length Extensions Orange County’s Rolls Royce of Extensions

As Orange County licensed GreatLengths Extensions Expert please continue reading the article I provided from last week:

greatlengths post

greatlengths post


“…In my first meeting with my fabulous extension artist, Dee Gauthier from EMC2 salon in Toronto, we sat down and had a very long chat about what I was looking to achieve and how we were going to make it happen. We also discussed length, style and colour.


Great Lengths extensions are not only made with real human hair, they’re actually sourced from Hindu Temples, where devotees sacrifice their locks in hopes of having their prayers answered. The Temple then sells the hair and the profits are put back into their communities to fund education, orphanages, health care and infrastructure projects.


Apart from being fair-trade, the hair is also treated with the utmost care after it is sourced. Instead of bleaching the hair to strip away the colour, Great Lengths uses a gentle process where they treat the hair in the same way as cashmere wool. Hair bundles are soaked in a “de-pigment” bath for 15-20 days before being soaked in a vegetable-based colour, which is slowly absorbed — ensuring that the hair that ends up on your head is the healthiest, most tangle-free hair possible.


One week after my initial consultation, Dee and I met again at the salon for the five-hour installation process. Yes, it takes five LONG hours. Row by row, Dee selected miniature sections of hair and matched them to the thickness of the bonds. Each bond of hair was then attached to my head by melting a keratin bond about a centimeter away from my roots. The bonds are so small, they’re almost impossible to see. Despite their size, they have staying power: these things will last anywhere from 4-6 months. At that time, you’ll have to get them professionally removed….”

-Repost “Beauty Buy or Beware: Great Lengths Hair Extensions” Author: Miranda Furtado

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