In the Northern Hemisphere, June is the month with the longest daylight hours of the year.   Since we tend to fill our long days with many activities and events,  your hair needs to have a  lasting and multi-functional hairstyle. Try a braid!  Braids are the hottest trends showing around town. Whether your hair is slicked back, worn down in loose waves or pulled high on the head, braids are easy to create yourself!  Look great at any celebration with the versatility of braids!

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Attending a graduation?  Braids not only look great under a mortarboard, but hair that’s braided can hold its look when the cap and gown come off and you’re ready to start celebrating! Try a loose side-braid for its ease and resourceful look.

Getting married?  June Brides love braids!  Pin the braid into a beautiful bun and dress it with babies-breath or any other flowers of choice. When the festivities begin, remove your veil,  un-pin the braid and voila!  A different and more casual look that can endure the dance floor and still look fantastic.

Every braided hairstyle has one thing in common and that’s serious length. If you are growing out your bob or lob but your hair isn’t long enough to achieve stunning braids, why not try hair extensions?

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Great Lengths Hair Extensions and Hairdreams Hair Creations are single strands that are free- moving, and are completely non-damaging and 100% natural unlike other types of extensions. These hair extensions can be braided undetectable for fabulous braid styles.  Great Lengths and Hairdreams premium Hair Extensions  can be added for length, volume or a combination of both.

Why let your short or fine hair stop you from rocking some braids this summer?  Let me help you love your hair again!Hair Dreams Braid Styles Lori Veltri


Fresh Hair Trends for 2015!

What’s the trendiest look for April you ask?

No, It’s not pastel hair anymore!

Jewel-toned hair has become the hot new look celebrities are sporting nowadays on and off the camera. Previously, bold colors like blue and purple were associated with youthful, punky looks. But these new colors of gemstones such as ruby reds and amethyst purples are sophisticated and rich, not to mention super stylish. Jewel-toned hair is based off of gemstone colors. The colors are not light, like pastel-colored hair, they are more subdued and have dark undertones.  Ruby Reds, Emerald Greens, Amethyst Purples or Sapphire Blues are easily obtained.  No longer is the need to bleach your hair to a pale blonde shade prior to applying the jewel-tone colors.  This is good news for brunettes although girls with blonde or red hair can dye their hair darker to achieve this look.

If you’re not ready to make the jump for an all-over vibrant look,  simply try your favorite gemstone-color for a few highlights.  Still afraid?  You can achieve this look with Hair Extensions as an alternative.  Great Lengths and Hairdreams Hair Creations can provide you with the precise colors you desire.  There are no chemicals applied to your own hair and no need for any pre-lightening or coloring. The vibrancy and depth of the color(s) will never fade!  Then, when you are tired of one color, switch out your extensions for a different color. Adaptable, care-free, and easy to maintain!  They’re all beautiful, dynamic colors and easy to rock.

Best of all,  it’s fast and affordable!

Check out Selena Gomez and Katy Perry!  They look Gem-a-licious!

Jewel toned highlights #5