Holiday Hair Glam!

Holiday parties are approaching quickly and everyone wants to look ravishing at them. Try one of these dazzling hairstyles and show off your divine side! Up-do’s are always worth mastering for any fancy occasion and can be worn in various ways.

The classic French Twist, braided bun, roll and tuck or knotted chignon can compliment your favorite party outfit and make heads turn. These styles can be complimented with a gemstone hairpin and be perfect for “second-day” hair that can look tousled or slightly messy. Just tease, spray, roll and tuck for a five-minute style that looks seductive. Try a fishtail, low-side, or slicked-back ponytail. Ponytails are the trendiest look for 2014 and mastering them is a cinch. Add more allure to them by braiding in a piece of shiny fabric or ribbon. When the outfit calls for wearing your hair long, try shiny spirals or big sexy waves. Make sure to add volume to your hair to give it a look that isn’t “everyday”.


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When really serious about your glamorous looks, try adding Great Lengths or Hairdreams Hair Extensions. A positive side effect is that hair extensions provide a greater amount of hair for extra fullness and volume. The huge variety of combinations of colors, lengths and structures allows for an almost endless number of creative hairstyles. With just a few strands, you can produce striking effects.

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Utilize Great Lengths crazy colors to create a strong impact or subtle balance to any hair design. Choose from a colorfast spectrum of rich jewel tones, pure pigment, primary and soft pastel colors. Apply Genuine Swarovski Crystal strands to inspire a unique statement. For a seamless blend, strands are available in clear, red and blue crystals on black, red, brown and blonde threads. More choices include Hairdreams Effects. Hairdreams opens a wide range of unusual, creative styling options: Jewelry strands made with pearls, Swarovski crystals and metal beads. Strands of colored natural springs, trendy accessories like leather bands and much more. The choices are endless.

Why not make an entrance to your 2014 Holiday Festivities with a sensational hairstyle and individual look that will leave a lasting impression through 2015!

Lori Veltri Holiday Hair

Holiday Great Lengths Hairdreams Hair Extensions




Do you  wonder why Kim Kardashian, Jennifer Lopez, Beyoncé or Steven Tyler have long, thick and beautiful hair?  The answer is hair extensions.

Top-of-the-line hair extension companies such as Great Lengths or Hairdreams were a secret that only Hollywood “A-Listers” and their hairstylists were privy to. We can observe and learn from the celebrities’ new hairstyles and hair extension trends to get our very own look. Nowadays premium hair extensions are a mainstream and available to everyone.



Celebrities Get Hair Extensions for a Number of Reasons.

Actors who play different roles with different looks need to transform themselves quickly.  Typically, their hair can take a beating with all the chemicals used on it.  Bleaching, coloring and bleaching again make it impossible to keep their hair healthy and long.  Many just cut their hair short and have hair extensions installed to solve their problem.  They can quickly have long hair in a completely different color, have bangs without having to cut them into their hair or have a highlighted look without any chemicals.  The transformation is seamless. Also, celebrities are the first people we observe with a new style or trend.  Celebrities are in the “lime-light” and need to constantly look their best.  Hair extensions help to make that possible.


Flawless Hair Extensions with Great Lengths or Hairdreams.

Have you noticed someone’s extensions when a strong wind gusts through their hair?  Has someone in your pilates class hung their head upside down and the extensions are clearly visible?   Top quality hair extensions are natural and undetectable.   You can brush them from the root and braid them. Also, they can be tied in a ponytail un-noticeably.

Great Lengths and Hairdreams carry the highest quality hair that is available. They are either minimally-processed Indian hair or unprocessed European hair. They are composed of 100% human hair with bonds that are made of either keratin(Great Lengths) or crystal polymer(Hairdreams Hair Creations or Laserbeamer Nano) and the removal process is safe and easy.


The Speed of Hair Extensions.

The best news is now premium hair extensions don’t require hours to install. With Hairdreams Laserbeamer Nano, a full head of luxurious hair can take around one hour. They can last 4-6 months with little maintenance and leave no breakage or damage when removed. In fact, high-quality hair extensions can actually HELP you grow your hair long while protecting your own hair.

With fall quickly approaching, a new look for you is just waiting around the corner. Long, beautiful and luxurious hair awaits you.


For more questions and a no-obligation consultation, give Lori Veltri, The Certified Expert in Hairdreams and Great Lengths Hair Extensions, a call to discuss best options for your hair!