Fall Hair Colors -Warm and Toasty!

Now that Fall is upon us, the weather has cooled and the days are shorter and darker.  We are more sequestered from the sun, therefore changing the skin’s  tone to a lighter and perhaps a less glowing shade. Because of these changes, consider revising your summer hair color and trade it for something warmer. Flaxen blondes, Copper reds and Rich Chocolately browns are a great modification and will compliment those new fall clothes you are now adorning.

Bronde photo before after

“Bronde” is one of the newest, more sophisticated ways for a blonde to change without giving up her sun-kissed look.  Bronde is an edgier interpretation on the naturally highlighted look and a perfect way to add a bit of drama to a plain and simple brown.  Keep the highlights off the top of the head, distributing honey-blonde pieces close to the eyes, cheekbones, and neckline.  Bronde is more of a sophisticated, elegant look and a way to still capture the look of the summertime without the harshness.


“Sombre”has replaced Ombre by being more subtle(subtle ombre).  This look scatters low-lights under the layers and roots and rids those harsh delineations and high contrasts.  By placing those rich chocolate and chestnut undertones throughout, a deep-textured and luxurious look can be attained.

Sombre photo


Evaluate if you want to tweak your hair color for the fall by utilizing chemicals.  A safe and non-harmful way to accomplish your desired look is hair extensions.  Hair extensions can be scattered throughout the hair naturally and unnoticeably.  They help not only by adding color and texture, but can also be incorporated for length and volume.  Great Lengths Individual Strands, Hairdreams Laserbeamer Nano and Hairdreams Single Strands come in a multitude of colors that are soft, shiny and fade-free.  Add a few strands or a full head for a complete transformation without the use of bleach, ammonia or peroxide.


Welcome the Fall with your own touch of fall glamour and style with Master Stylist and Hair Extensions Specialist, Lori Veltri!