Fresh Hair Trends for 2015!

What’s the trendiest look for April you ask?

No, It’s not pastel hair anymore!

Jewel-toned hair has become the hot new look celebrities are sporting nowadays on and off the camera. Previously, bold colors like blue and purple were associated with youthful, punky looks. But these new colors of gemstones such as ruby reds and amethyst purples are sophisticated and rich, not to mention super stylish. Jewel-toned hair is based off of gemstone colors. The colors are not light, like pastel-colored hair, they are more subdued and have dark undertones.  Ruby Reds, Emerald Greens, Amethyst Purples or Sapphire Blues are easily obtained.  No longer is the need to bleach your hair to a pale blonde shade prior to applying the jewel-tone colors.  This is good news for brunettes although girls with blonde or red hair can dye their hair darker to achieve this look.

If you’re not ready to make the jump for an all-over vibrant look,  simply try your favorite gemstone-color for a few highlights.  Still afraid?  You can achieve this look with Hair Extensions as an alternative.  Great Lengths and Hairdreams Hair Creations can provide you with the precise colors you desire.  There are no chemicals applied to your own hair and no need for any pre-lightening or coloring. The vibrancy and depth of the color(s) will never fade!  Then, when you are tired of one color, switch out your extensions for a different color. Adaptable, care-free, and easy to maintain!  They’re all beautiful, dynamic colors and easy to rock.

Best of all,  it’s fast and affordable!

Check out Selena Gomez and Katy Perry!  They look Gem-a-licious!

Jewel toned highlights #5



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Spring is a time for renewal. It brings us a new season accompanied with changes.  Those changes can signify not only a fresh and new look for one’s wardrobes, but also for their hair.  When considering a hair revamp, take into consideration the hottest new look for Spring 2015—Long, sexy, wavy hair!

Spring styles include Boho Waves which are subtle and “barely-there” waves.  Boho waves are loose and sexy allowing the hair to hang below the shoulders and framing the face for a soft look.  Long ponytails have adjusted from high and sleek to a lower and looser look.  Updating this look is simple, use mixed-materials as fun and ornamental accessories.  For example, these can include leather, flowers or ribbons. Braids and twists combinations stole looks on the runways at Fashion Week by integrating the two, making the impression of a creative and textured effect.

You may be shaking your head and asking yourself why you cut your hair off a few months ago!  What if your hair is too short to rock these Spring Styles? If you want your hair long again,  luckily, there is a solution and it’s easy!  Great Lengths Hair Extensions and Hairdreams Hair Creations allows you to obtain your desired look before the spring turns to summer.  These top-quality hair extensions are 100% natural and move freely enabling the hair to be braided from roots to ends.  The extension strands and bonds are undetectable when pulled into a ponytail, therefore these confidence-assuring looks will undoubtedly be a success.

Give me a couple of hours and I’ll give you the new Spring look you’ve always wanted.  Let me help you love your LONG hair again!

Photos from 6 Events


RED is the Color of February!


The color red seems synonymous with the month of February. It represents the red of fashion, the red of love, and the red of boldness.  We see Hollywood’s best display of walking down the famed red carpet for the Academy Awards, and also see red for Valentine’s Day.  Many will attend parties for these events and what better way to entwine both than with a  glamorous movie-star “do” for your galas.

This year we are seeing ladies on the red carpet rocking hairstyles that are vintage trends! Women are shying away from their highly straightened hair and turning towards soft and wavy hair that is classic and striking.   Bring a taste of Hollywood’s glitter to your Valentine’s Day by accessorizing with a headband  You may not have the opportunity to wear a diamond-encrusted cartier band like Charlize Theron, but you can create one with your own style.  No drastic cutting or coloring of your hair is needed and it’s an inexpensive way to make your statement.  Headbands can look great, they stand out and can actually hide and help disguise a bad hair day if need be.

Vintage is IN!  Don’t spend hours trying to flat iron hair straight and smooth.   Working with hair that has been washed a day or two prior or even with damp hair makes styling faster and easier.

Just a curling iron and a bit of volumizing and finishing spray is all that is needed.

If you are struggling with lack of waves, length or volume in your hair, I have the perfect solution in a quick, easy and glamourous way  Hair extensions are a great way to achieve one or all of these issues.  Great Lengths Hair Extensions or Hairdreams Hair Creations have natural wave and allow these styles to be attained easily.

Other stars who sported soft and wavy locks were Amy Adams, Reese Whitherspoon, Sienna Miller, Emma Stone, Jessica Chasten and Jennifer Lopez. You may not be a celebrity, but why not look and feel just as glam?

charlize-theron-headband-main Untitled Untitled_1 Untitled_2

We all have a calling in our career. Some of us know right away and some follow intuition and life experiences.

My career calling was of a unique nature and not something I had anticipated exactly. Friends and clients frequently ask me how I got into this hair and beauty industry. So, I thought about it and traced back to the delicate moments that have lead me to this point in hairstyling and hair extensions!

I started this adventure in my youth.  My mother used to cut my bangs so short and then tape them to my forehead to dry.  If she didn’t perform this ritual, my baby-fine hair would stick out straight!  After many years(and many tears)of dreading those moments, I decided to execute this procedure myself utilizing the famed orange-handled sewing shears and pruning my shoulder-length tresses to a fashionable chin-length style.

The results were a hit as I continued on my hair-lopping spree throughout the dormitories where I was attending college.  Any head of hair would suffice as long as I could snip away and create a new look for those willing to trust my ability or lack thereof.

I’ve always had a passion for anything aesthetically pleasing and relating to individuals whose hair has been sorrowfully called  “frog fur”.  My motivations went beyond the aesthetics.  I not only wanted to be creative, I wanted to make people happy when they looked into a mirror.

Combining all of these pieces to the puzzle has allowed me the opportunity to morph this enthusiasm into a 30-year successful career as a Hairstylist.  Haircutting, highlighting, corrective-coloring were specialities  until I realized that I could not only remove the hair but add the hair as well.  This concept lent itself to the new hair treatment of Hair Extensions in my world.

Employing many types of Hair Extension applications has permitted me the knowledge and experience to decipher the best of the best.  Great Lengths Hair Extensions and Hairdreams Hair Creations fulfill that role.  It is made of 100% Indian or European Remy hair which is soft and shiny.  The bonds enable the brush to glide through the extensions from roots to ends without catching and braiding–it has never looked so natural!  Curled or straightened,  the extensions offer movement throughout the hairstyle.

Whether you are looking for length, volume, or chemical-free highlights or all of the above, Hair Extensions are a safe and speedy way to achieve your dream hair.

Please take a look at some of my “Before” and “After” client photos.

Let me help you love your hair again!





Holiday Hair Glam!

Holiday parties are approaching quickly and everyone wants to look ravishing at them. Try one of these dazzling hairstyles and show off your divine side! Up-do’s are always worth mastering for any fancy occasion and can be worn in various ways.

The classic French Twist, braided bun, roll and tuck or knotted chignon can compliment your favorite party outfit and make heads turn. These styles can be complimented with a gemstone hairpin and be perfect for “second-day” hair that can look tousled or slightly messy. Just tease, spray, roll and tuck for a five-minute style that looks seductive. Try a fishtail, low-side, or slicked-back ponytail. Ponytails are the trendiest look for 2014 and mastering them is a cinch. Add more allure to them by braiding in a piece of shiny fabric or ribbon. When the outfit calls for wearing your hair long, try shiny spirals or big sexy waves. Make sure to add volume to your hair to give it a look that isn’t “everyday”.


Lori Veltri Step by step guide 1 and 2

Lori Veltri Step by step guide 3 and 4 holiday hair

Lori Veltri Step by Step guide 5 and 6 Holiday Hair

When really serious about your glamorous looks, try adding Great Lengths or Hairdreams Hair Extensions. A positive side effect is that hair extensions provide a greater amount of hair for extra fullness and volume. The huge variety of combinations of colors, lengths and structures allows for an almost endless number of creative hairstyles. With just a few strands, you can produce striking effects.

Lori Veltri Holiday Hair Step by Sep Guide complete

Utilize Great Lengths crazy colors to create a strong impact or subtle balance to any hair design. Choose from a colorfast spectrum of rich jewel tones, pure pigment, primary and soft pastel colors. Apply Genuine Swarovski Crystal strands to inspire a unique statement. For a seamless blend, strands are available in clear, red and blue crystals on black, red, brown and blonde threads. More choices include Hairdreams Effects. Hairdreams opens a wide range of unusual, creative styling options: Jewelry strands made with pearls, Swarovski crystals and metal beads. Strands of colored natural springs, trendy accessories like leather bands and much more. The choices are endless.

Why not make an entrance to your 2014 Holiday Festivities with a sensational hairstyle and individual look that will leave a lasting impression through 2015!

Lori Veltri Holiday Hair

Holiday Great Lengths Hairdreams Hair Extensions




Giving Thanks to Thanksgiving’s Fresh Hairstyle!

During Thanksgiving, family and old friends may not have seen you in quite awhile and this may be the perfect opportunity to make a “grand appearance.” If you are looking to make a great impression, or thinking of a new look, but afraid to take the plunge by cutting the summer’s damage to your hair, you may want to contemplate making a small change with a big impact. Consider cutting your hair into a “lob”, or long-bob.

Chosen by many for its versatility, this haircut is a very chic look that can be worn numerous ways and is a cinch to style! Choose either straight, curly or in-between with relaxed waves. Use a curling iron to curl the hair away from the face, or opt for a dressed-up look with a deep side part. You can also wear your hair with a messy texture by curling a few pieces with a curling iron, then use a flat iron on the ends to smooth them. Because the lob is longer than a traditional bob, this haircut can also be worn in an up-do, chignon or dressy ponytail, which is a perfect pair for all of those holiday parties you will be attending. Try adding some long layers to create texture to the hair.

For those whose hair is not long enough for the lob-look, try hair extensions. Great Lengths or Hairdreams Hair Extensions can not only add length, but can create various looks for your lob in a natural way. For those who choose not to layer their hair, extensions placed throughout the interior of the hair at shorter lengths can give the look of layers. Because extensions come in many colors, you can add them for depth, shine and texture. This is a great option as no chemicals are used on the hair. There’s nothing like a beautiful lob that has many colors throughout and make the haircut “pop”.

Add some bangs! Either cut them blunt or just grazing the eyebrows to accentuate your eyes. A safe way to be assured you won’t have any regrets in the long run is adding some hair extensions to give the illusion of bangs. Tired of the bangs? Remove the extensions!

Wouldn’t it be exciting to walk into Thanksgiving dinner with family and friends with a new “you”? Try the lob and all the variations it has to offer. Try Great Lengths Hair Extensions, Hairdreams Laserbeamer Nano or Hairdreams single strands and achieve beautiful hair that you can feel thankful for.





Fall Hair Colors -Warm and Toasty!

Now that Fall is upon us, the weather has cooled and the days are shorter and darker.  We are more sequestered from the sun, therefore changing the skin’s  tone to a lighter and perhaps a less glowing shade. Because of these changes, consider revising your summer hair color and trade it for something warmer. Flaxen blondes, Copper reds and Rich Chocolately browns are a great modification and will compliment those new fall clothes you are now adorning.

Bronde photo before after

“Bronde” is one of the newest, more sophisticated ways for a blonde to change without giving up her sun-kissed look.  Bronde is an edgier interpretation on the naturally highlighted look and a perfect way to add a bit of drama to a plain and simple brown.  Keep the highlights off the top of the head, distributing honey-blonde pieces close to the eyes, cheekbones, and neckline.  Bronde is more of a sophisticated, elegant look and a way to still capture the look of the summertime without the harshness.


“Sombre”has replaced Ombre by being more subtle(subtle ombre).  This look scatters low-lights under the layers and roots and rids those harsh delineations and high contrasts.  By placing those rich chocolate and chestnut undertones throughout, a deep-textured and luxurious look can be attained.

Sombre photo


Evaluate if you want to tweak your hair color for the fall by utilizing chemicals.  A safe and non-harmful way to accomplish your desired look is hair extensions.  Hair extensions can be scattered throughout the hair naturally and unnoticeably.  They help not only by adding color and texture, but can also be incorporated for length and volume.  Great Lengths Individual Strands, Hairdreams Laserbeamer Nano and Hairdreams Single Strands come in a multitude of colors that are soft, shiny and fade-free.  Add a few strands or a full head for a complete transformation without the use of bleach, ammonia or peroxide.


Welcome the Fall with your own touch of fall glamour and style with Master Stylist and Hair Extensions Specialist, Lori Veltri!

Do you  wonder why Kim Kardashian, Jennifer Lopez, Beyoncé or Steven Tyler have long, thick and beautiful hair?  The answer is hair extensions.

Top-of-the-line hair extension companies such as Great Lengths or Hairdreams were a secret that only Hollywood “A-Listers” and their hairstylists were privy to. We can observe and learn from the celebrities’ new hairstyles and hair extension trends to get our very own look. Nowadays premium hair extensions are a mainstream and available to everyone.



Celebrities Get Hair Extensions for a Number of Reasons.

Actors who play different roles with different looks need to transform themselves quickly.  Typically, their hair can take a beating with all the chemicals used on it.  Bleaching, coloring and bleaching again make it impossible to keep their hair healthy and long.  Many just cut their hair short and have hair extensions installed to solve their problem.  They can quickly have long hair in a completely different color, have bangs without having to cut them into their hair or have a highlighted look without any chemicals.  The transformation is seamless. Also, celebrities are the first people we observe with a new style or trend.  Celebrities are in the “lime-light” and need to constantly look their best.  Hair extensions help to make that possible.


Flawless Hair Extensions with Great Lengths or Hairdreams.

Have you noticed someone’s extensions when a strong wind gusts through their hair?  Has someone in your pilates class hung their head upside down and the extensions are clearly visible?   Top quality hair extensions are natural and undetectable.   You can brush them from the root and braid them. Also, they can be tied in a ponytail un-noticeably.

Great Lengths and Hairdreams carry the highest quality hair that is available. They are either minimally-processed Indian hair or unprocessed European hair. They are composed of 100% human hair with bonds that are made of either keratin(Great Lengths) or crystal polymer(Hairdreams Hair Creations or Laserbeamer Nano) and the removal process is safe and easy.


The Speed of Hair Extensions.

The best news is now premium hair extensions don’t require hours to install. With Hairdreams Laserbeamer Nano, a full head of luxurious hair can take around one hour. They can last 4-6 months with little maintenance and leave no breakage or damage when removed. In fact, high-quality hair extensions can actually HELP you grow your hair long while protecting your own hair.

With fall quickly approaching, a new look for you is just waiting around the corner. Long, beautiful and luxurious hair awaits you.


For more questions and a no-obligation consultation, give Lori Veltri, The Certified Expert in Hairdreams and Great Lengths Hair Extensions, a call to discuss best options for your hair!


Summer Waves, Beach Hair!

One of the hottest trends for this summer are “Beach Waves” and since summer in California tends to span all the way through October and sometimes November, this beach hair can be worn and extended a few extra months.

Beach waves are curls that are soft and sleepy. The key is to make this look “undone”, but well done. The beauty of Beach Waves styles are they are very easy to create and the style can last longer than intended. After a few days of wearing them, you have the option to simply pull your hair back into a loose ponytail or wrap a scarf around the hair as a headband if you are looking for a fresh look with these beachy waves.

If you are one of the unfortunate ones that has very fine, limp hair or hair that is too short for loose curls, think about Hair Extensions. Not only can they add length to your hair, but can also add volume, thickness and no-chemical highlights.

Hairdreams Laserbeamer Nano, Hairdreams Hair Strands Creations and Great Lengths Hair Extensions can achieve this look for you with ease. These top-of-the-line hair additions have a beautiful and natural curl to them without frizzing. When left to dry on their own or using a curling iron, they hold a beautiful curl.

These three types of Hair Extensions are very affordable considering how long they last. You can go 3-6 months of wearing them with minimal care. Some of these types you can reuse the hair as well. What’s more important? Having that cup of Latte at Starbucks every morning or having beautiful hair all day long for 3-6 months? The cost of spending is the same, but Hair Extensions are a much more valuable investment to your hair beauty and health than a latte. Beautiful Beach Waves are within reach of everyone’s budget! Come enjoy this summer trend!

Hairdreams Great Lengths Beach Hair

We are elated to announce that Lori Veltri, a Master Stylist of 29 years, has recently received her certification as the “FIRST and ONLY Hairstylist in United States to be certified in Hairdreams Laserbeamer Nano Technique. This is considered a great feat and major differential in our salon services and pedigree that no other hairtsylist offer.

Hairdreams Laserbeamer Nano is a revolutionary hair system that allows hair to be fuller and longer in a short period of time. Hairdreams utilizes top-quality European Hair that is either 5-star (minimally and safely processed) or 7-star (virgin) hair. Both types are silky and luxurious, with 7-star hair capable of being reused up to three times. With the Laserbeamer Nano, the crystal polymer hair bond is flat and the size of a matchstick tip that is natural feeling and makes removal easy with no damage. It is now possible to add the exact color highlighting via Hairdreams with no fading. Most importantly, it is done without any color or bleach used directly on your hair which makes this as the best hair extensions choice.

After your new locks are blended and styled, your newly created look will last approximately 4-6 months with minimal care. This advanced technology provides high-end and luxurious hair allowing the appearance of one’s own hair to multiply and thicken in a very short amount of time. Create an entirely new look in just 45 minutes!

People ask where can they obtain the best hair extensions and discover a hairstylist that is certified in premium hair extensions. The place is undoubtedly Studio LV in Newport Beach, California at Platino Salon&Suites!

Lori can quickly create a style of your dreams without the waiting time for hair to grow.

Take a look at our sets of ” Before” and “After” photos of this new advanced Hairdreams Laserbeamer Nano Hair Extensions. The natural beauty of top line hair extensions is quite phenomenal!